Latest news: New electric co-op client; our Uganda charity well is complete

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Federated Rural Electric Insurance Taps ACM to handle national claims


Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange (FREIE) recently selected American Claims Management to handle national workers’ compensation claims management for their Exchange.

Since 1959, FREIE has insured only electric cooperatives, helping them reap the benefits of their excellent safety records. A steady presence in the market, FREIE is committed to offering superior insurance programs and the best value in products and services for their members.

By teaming up with FREIE, ACM will help local electric coops around the country to focus on providing optimum electric services, not insurance claims, explained ACM President Dhara Patel. They chose ACM for its clear communication and collaboration practices, innovative technology and ultra-customization capabilities, allowing an exact fit to FREIE’s needs.

“Federated Rural also chose us for our aggressive fraud investigation and customer service,” Director of Claims Cheryl Primas added. “We’re known in the industry for our ability to mitigate claims costs.”

ACM began handling claims in early September, Patel explained, and is currently handling claims for 10 coops in multiple jurisdictions.


ACM's Ugandan well


ACM completes water well in Uganda

Half a world away, ACM partnered with Charity: Water and recently completed a well in Bugodo, Uganda, for 660 people who had no continuous clean and safe water supply.

A professional team was contracted to drill deep into the earth to reach fresh underground aquifers, then capped the well with a hand pump. Drilled wells reach water that is inaccessible by hand-digging, and usually yield more water than hand-dug wells. They are also more expensive to implement because of gas costs required to drive heavy machinery to the drill site. You can view more information here.