Cost Control Services

Investigation Solutions

Investigation Solutions is a multi-line field adjusting and investigation company providing nationwide field investigation, surveillance, Special Investigation Unit (SIU) services and CAT handling expertise to the insurance, legal and self-insured communities. The nationwide team of expert investigators work diligently to complete investigations quickly and thoroughly, which has resulted in significant reduction of claim settlement amounts for clients. For more information, please call 888.799.2919 or visit

Marquee Managed Care Solutions

Marquee Managed Care Solutions is a subsidiary of American Claims Management, Inc. and provides full service managed care solutions to the insurance industry. Marquee provides customized strategies to save our clients money. For more information, please call 619.744.5063 or visit

Superior Recovery Services

Superior Recovery Services is an aggressive recovery collection company with experience identifying and pursuing all recovery opportunities on claims. These niche recovery experts have reviewed millions of claims and continually produce results that exceed industry average by close to 100%. For more information, please call 888.799.2919.