ACM launches InsurTech projects to streamline efficiencies

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ACM’s 2018 InsurTech projects streamline the claims process

Celebrating 30 years in claims management, ACM has launched several InsurTech projects in 2018, with more to come in 2019.

“In our quest to remain cutting edge, we’re participating in an InsurTech thinktank and have introduced several new initiatives. These include a complete redesign of our website to including AI via a claims chatbot, along with several automation projects to streamline our claims processes,” said Dhara Patel, president of American Claims Management.

Claims chatbot

ACM’s new claims chatbot launches in late 2018. “The chatbot will allow claimants to report a claim through a friendly and interactive online process,” Patel explained. “It helps the claimant quickly outline their loss, improving the accuracy of the information needed to get started on their claim. It’s available 24/7 on our website, accessible from any mobile phone.”

Patel called this approach to conversational AI “a game changer for customer experience,” saying its self-serve design interface “will enable us to adapt to our customers continuously.”

The chatbot release comes on the heels of their newly relaunched website that simplifies finding information, filing claims or getting contacts. You can view the new website at


Content inventory program

ACM has worked with another InsurTech company this year to create a content inventory program used in property losses. The new software incorporates each carrier’s specific SOPs and walks the field adjuster through a series of ‘scripts’ to capture content inventory and document the loss. Once the field adjuster completes the onsite inspection, the inventory report is uploaded to ACM’s claims management system.


CAT volume first contacts

When a catastrophe hits, ACM’s team calls every policyholder within the designated area – and that can be a huge number of calls. “Our biggest challenge is the time and resources to make individual calls for each claim during a CAT event,” Patel said.

Working with a third InsurTech company, ACM’s new program exports claim data from their system. Within minutes, all claims are uploaded into a call center which begins an automated first contact response. Calls are made with a “live” voice that was pre-recorded with a script designed specific to the client. Each call includes claim details (claim number, policy number, etc.) crucial to the first contact. “Now we’re able to complete hundreds of calls within minutes and document first contact,” Patel said, adding that the data is then uploaded back into ACM’s system for contact reporting.


Inspections management

ACM has added new software to handle the scheduling, reporting and documentation of insured contacts and inspections. “Now, all claims we assign to field adjusters will automatically bridge to our new scheduling system. It contacts the insured to set up inspections.”

The automated calls are completed within minutes. Voice response allows the insured to select an option that works best for them or opt to speak with someone directly. The field adjuster is better able to manage their own schedule and report real-time; inspections are monitored until closed.


On the horizon in 2019

ACM is currently working with several software companies on 2019 initiatives, that will allow them to

  • Automate many steps in the claims process using AI
  • Add texting capabilities for field adjusters to communicate with claimants (storing all messages online)
  • Issue payments to policyholders, claimants and vendors via electronic virtual payments
  • Add drone inspection capabilities

“We’re committed not just to stay up-to-date, but to be ahead of the curve on embracing and utilizing new technologies to help our carrier clients and self-insured clients have the best claims results possible,” Patel said.